DREDGES: OUTWIT, OUTPLAY, OUTFISH ó Learning to lure billfish closer
by Stuart Simpson

I RECENTLY arrived back in my home town of Durban after a great seasonís fishing in Kenya, Cape Verde and Morocco during 2017. On my arrival I met up with Erwin Bursik and we got talking about fishing. The subject of teasers came up and we began discussing which was the most successful lure or teaser and what method had worked best for us last year.

You cannot hook a fish unless you have its attention first, and understanding how to tease fish in the offshore world is a necessary precursor to success. But mastering teasing tactics is only a small part of the science.

Itís very important to understand the actual teasers themselves. Over the years lure manufacturers and fishermen have developed several different types of lures and teasers and each teaser/lure plays an important role in an anglerís arsenal.

While single, hookless, natural baits and lures are often used effectively as offshore teasers, the most common type of teaser used in the boating world is the daisy chain. This is created by having a line of soft plastic squids grouped together with an equal spacing between each squid, rigged onto 300- or 400 lb monofilament which often stretches to nine- or 12 feet long.

This teaser runs between wake number one and wake number two, typically with a softie trailing behind, skipping and splashing seductively in the boatís wake. Sometimes they draw fish close to the boat, giving the angler a better chance at hooking the fish.

When it comes to running these kind of teasers on a ski-boat, the white water from the boat and engines often disguises what you are trying to achieve especially when the sea is slightly choppy or unfavourable on the day.

There is a big secret behind all of this and it was not invented yesterday, but actually way before most of us even started fishing.

Read the full story in the January/February 2018 issue of SKI-BOAT.
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