FRESH START — Durban Ski-Boat Club a step closer to its new home
By Erwin Bursik

DURBAN Ski-Boat Club, the biggest and arguably the oldest ski-boat club in South Africa moved from its long-term premises at Vetch’s on Sunday 12 November 2017. It was a bittersweet day as myriads of members old and new came to the club to say their final good-bye to the clubhouse which has existed on the same premises for the last 60-odd years.

I felt waves of nostalgia and recalled more than a memory or two from the years gone by since I purchased my first ski-boat in 1962 and began a life-long association with Durban Ski-Boat Club.

Whilst the mood was sombre on that Sunday it was lightened significantly by the knowledge that the club would immediately move to the temporary facilities that have been erected to house the DBSC and DUC until new PWC facilities have been completed within the Point Waterfront development. Even the “Beastly Easterly” showed its full might to “blow” out the old and hopefully welcome the new.

Many anglers are fully aware of the trials and tribulations that have taken place both within these two clubs as well as the interactions with those set against them. A number of hurdles had to be overcome by the management committees of both clubs. Suffice it to say that eventually sense prevailed and judging by the mood of those that packed the DSBC that Sunday, the correct choice had been made and the course forward was being supported by the vast majority of members.

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