KLIPPIES WITHOUT THE COKE ó A better recipe for taking trout
By Gordon van der Spuy

WHO would have thought that a little rock jumping antelope on the Southern tip of Africa would provide fly-tyers with what Iíd like to think of as a near-magical material. I donít think Tom Sutcliffe knew what effect the DDD would have on local fishing when he first tied the fly with klipspringer all those years ago. Nearly 40 years later the fly is still working wonders.

Call it fur voodoo if you will, but klipspringer just seems to have something going for it which fish love. Itís rough, buoyant and buggy, crunchy even in a sense. The DDD changed stillwater fishing in this country forever. It made people aware that there were alternative methods of catching fish in stillwaters other than dragging flies on sinking lines. It changed peopleís mindsets and got them thinking differently. Thanks must go to Tom Sutcliffe, Bill Duckworth and Mr ďHooks and BulletsĒ Huntley. We are forever indebted to you guys.

Klipspringer is brilliant, versatile stuff that adds mega fish-pulling powers to any fly itís used on. I prefer it to deerhair or elk; itís not as clean and clinical looking and is definitely more interesting in terms of colouring and texture. That said, klipspringer hair can vary greatly. Not all klipspringer is equal; some bokkies have better hair than others ...

The stuff you want is the hair with ample contrast and interesting colouring in the fibres. I donít like that ďsandyĒ looking stuff that feels rough to the touch and looks dull like one of those mixed carpets one used to get in your average house in the í80s. Distinction/contrast between colour in the fibres is what youíre after.

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