LIVING WITH A FLY-TYER ó The highs and lows of sharing space
By Gertrude Babich

AS ladies fishing we often face different challenges to our male counterparts. Letís face it, fishing is generally geared more for men. I sometimes get the feeling the designers and importers of fishing gear and equipment would like us fishing ladies to fit in or fade away to our kitchens barefoot and pregnant. We battle to find anything that will make us feel or look feminine while reeling in monster fish. Who knows, it might be some game strategy by our fellow anglers; Iíve seen my husband sulk when I reel in a bigger fish or even worse when I reel in more fish than him, so maybe they just want to keep us off the water.

For a woman dressing to go fishing is about as much fun as rolling in poison ivy. Looking for a quick dry fishing shirt is a breeze ó as long as youíre happy to copy your husbandís dress-code for the day. With such a ďwide varietyĒ of brown and blue shirts specially designed for men, with pockets in all the wrong places, itís no surprise that we donít see an influx of females on the river. I recently got my hands on pink shirts, so now at least I can look like a man in touch with my feminine side!

Donít even get me started on those silly chest packs; we already have a built-in chest pack, so another chest pack just makes us look like the girl in the Nandos ad who canít find her chips!

Then you get to the hardware ó rods in all the wrong colours with handles designed for male hands the size of shovels. And if you do spot something remotely lady-like, the price makes you question if you really need that second kidney.

But none of these challenges will stop me from fishing! Once you get addicted to the bend in the rod you wonít let fashion and comfort (or lack thereof) get in your way.

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